VIP Day Trading Program

Congratulations on joining the program! I am looking forward to helping you make a lot of money so if at any time you have any questions contact me via Slack.


FAQ & Common Questions

  • How do I talk to Maurice during the program?

After signing up for the chat room you can chat there.

  • Do I need to finish the course before the coaching call?

No, most people do the coaching alongside the course.

  • What do I need to do before 1st coaching call?

Sign up for a ThinkOrSwim acc and come with an open mind

  • What happens after the program is over?

You can keep the course after you have finished the program. Graduates will be offered the opportunity to join the 6 Figure Trader Master Class with other graduates.

Who Is Maurice Kenny

Maurice Kenny is a world-renowned Day Trader, Investment Coach, & Author of his latest book, Day Trading Millionaire. He has helped people from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and more reach their financial goals.

After learning from Maurice many people worldwide have been able to quit their jobs, reclaim their freedom, and take back their precious time.


VIP Day Trading Program

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