How To Day Trade Like The Top 10% In 4 Easy Steps & Make $10k Per Month

Without a complicated strategy or any technical indicators. Even if you're a beginner trader.


What You'll Learn:

  • PART 1: A simple strategy that doesn't need technical indicators, scanners, or for you to watch the news 24/7.
  • PART 2: How to read price action so you will stop missing trades & instead let the trades come to you.
  • PART 3: How to go from having "no plan" to earning consistent profits with planned entry & exit criteria.
  • PART 4: Why this strategy allowed people to quit their job, have more family time, & work only 10 hrs a week.

Hear From His Past Students

"Every month these 35 students make $10,000 and/or win 70% of all their day trades. Many started with a goal of originally making money on the side, but it was so simple that they were able to become full-time day traders instead. "

- 35 Successful Students

Disclaimer: Results not guaranteed

"With Maurice's simple strategy I made $60,000, 100% paid off all of my debt, & quit my job to become a full-time day trader. Maurice's program is the real deal & now I expect to make at min $3,000 every single week. "

- Dustin

Disclaimer: Results not guaranteed

"After using Maurice's strategy for 1 week I made $10,000 and then after 4 weeks I made a total of $50,000. I've tried a lot of strategies out there, but this is the most simple one that actually works trade after trade."

- Myles

Disclaimer: Results not guaranteed

WARNING: If you live paycheck to paycheck then you are not ready for the success that this trading strategy can bring you. I don't want you to have to choose between day trading today & your electric bill because that will cause you to make poor trading decisions.

As a result, since I care about you & your family's well being if you fail to meet that qualification then I suggest that you do NOT watch my webinar until a later date.